Yard Ruckus

Yard Ruckus Yard Ruckus Yard Ruckus

"Calling all the DJs can we get a spin or two, 

Yard Ruckus we do this, rocking vintage

and brand new..."

Yard Ruckus - Moon Hop

About Us

Who are Yard Ruckus?

Effortlessly fusing a mixture of Hip Hop, Dancehall, R'n'b, and Afrobeat, Alex Parvenu, Tzz Mlno, Juvazzi and Biz Cartier, are the dynamic international musical quartet known as the Yard Ruckus. 

"Round the globe we getting paper..."

Hailing from four different parts of the world before forming in 2019/20, meet the crew:

Alex Parvenu 

Born in London - United Kingdom (of Nigerian descent), Alex is the band leader, delivering a Motown-esque soul when the occasion calls for it.

Tzz Mlno

Born in Brooklyn - New York, Tzz is the ‘New Age’ rapper in the group, whose playful rhymes will keep you entertained.


Born in Portland - Jamaica, Juvazzi is the Dancehall deejay in the group, delivering a 90s dancehall energy, mixed with the modern day sound.

Biz Cartier

Born in Sarasota - Florida, Cartier is the dirty south rapper in the group, serving up social commentary from the hood.

The Compendium

The Yard Ruckus show off their lyrical prowess, with high energy live performances and infectious melodies. Get ready for the debut EP, 'The Compendium of Yard Ruckus', set for a 2020 release. 

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